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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Suicidal Bananas



Every year over 300,000 bananas commit suicide, 900% more than any other fruit or vegetable. There has been little investigation into this epidemic and there is little counselling available to bananas and fruit in general.

They say 'it's not easy being green' but we get the feeling it's pretty tough being yellow also.
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Banana Shoes

I'd rather wear the Adidas pair of banana shoes
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Banana Ying Yang

Very spiritual....
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Banana Illusion

A monkey would freak out if it saw this.
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Banana Font

If you were to imagine this it probably wouldn't look as gross as this does
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Banana Bunch Face

Realistic faces in bananas are just weird.
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Banana iPod

Even banana iPods still come with the crappy headphones.
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